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Gearbox denies new Aliens: CM delay

Plus, pours water on Borderlands 2 talk.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines developer Gearbox Software has dismissed reports that the upcoming FPS has been pushed back beyond the end of 2011.

Yesterday Destructoid published a story claiming the game would not see release this year. Its source was a thread on the NeoGAF message board discussing an interview with Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford in the latest issue of US games mag EGM.

Pitchford has subsequently assured Eurogamer that somebody has their wires crossed.

"I haven't seen the issue of Edge [sic] that the NeoGAF story is referencing or what was printed, but I am certain that I haven't discussed anything specific regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines with anyone beyond emphasising how passionate I am about the title and how committed my studio and I are to making it great.

"It looks to me like whomever made that post on NeoGAF made an interpretation that could be misleading or inaccurate.

"I am excited that there is so much interest in the game that stories like this tend to pop up literally out of nowhere and from nothing," he continued, "and I am looking forward to talking more about Aliens: Colonial Marines very soon so that speculation and arbitrariness can be replaced with tangible, reliable and accurate information."

Destructoid's original report suggested that the alleged delay was due to the studio focusing resources on a sequel to its 2009 shooter Borderlands. Pitchford insists no such sequel currently exists.

"I respect Jim [Sterling, Destructoid journalist] and his audience and I'm a little surprised he didn't bother to try to e-mail myself or our folks before extrapolating that NeoGAF post even further. Jim even referenced Borderlands 2? What's Borderlands 2? Bah! And El Oh El!"

First announced back in 2006, Aliens: Colonial Marines missed its published 2009 release date and was then pushed back even further so as to steer clear of the Rebellion-developed Aliens vs. Predator shooter which launched last year.

Last we heard, publisher SEGA was planning a full reveal of the game in early 2011.

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