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GDC: Eve integrates voice chat

"Eve Voice" later this month.

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Eve Online players will soon be able to chat to each other during the game developer CCP has announced.

Called 'Eve Voice', the fully integrated chat software will offer Eve players high quality audio, player-to-player direct chat, group chat, sub-group chat, group leader talk, map integration and moderator controls.

The move is an effort by CCP to draw users away from third-party unsupported programs like Ventrilo and TeamSpeak, which it claims require dedicated servers, eat up system resources and require paid-for licenses to unlock all the features and capabilities.

Eve Voice will be available from late March 2007, and will be an optional addition costing US$ 10 for one year's usage.

"We recently had a fleet battle with more than 1,000 players in one sector of the EVE universe. The amount of communication between those players in planning and executing these maneuvers is vast," said Magus Bergsson, chief marketing officer at CCP.

"Adding integrated voice will not just enhance gameplay by accelerating those plans and allowing players to react quickly as situations unfold in-game, but it will give combat pilots a strategic advantage."

Eve Online launched in 2003, and has built a steady and dedicated player base. Chose from being a trader to a mercenary as you explore the galaxy in your own starship, brokering deals or waging war along the way.

Head over the official website for more information.

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