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GC: Spellbound making Gothic 4

On PC, consoles. Date soon.

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JoWooD has named Spellbound Entertainment as the new developer for Gothic 4, following its spat with original creator Piranha Bytes.

This next role-playing instalment will be heading to console for the first time in the series, alongside PC, and with a date expected soon.

Spellbound was the brains behind Wild West series Desperados, a strategy action game like the popular Commandos series. It was pretty good, too, as our Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge review will attest.

Both parties insist the fundamentals of the series will be stuck to, but will be built upon to create the best offering to date. Naturally. More details are expected to be laid out to select press and fans in the next few days.

Gothic 3 was released late last year on PC to hearty applause. Developer Piranha Bytes has since gone on to sign a deal with publisher Deep Silver to create a new unnamed game, where it will use all its experience and knowledge its gained over the years.

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