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GC: Activision talks Bond

Outs developers.

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Activision has opened its mouth and named the developers creating its new James Bond game.

Call of Duty 3 brain-box Treyarch was first out of the hat, presumably to handle next-generation console platforms, followed by PC specialist Beenox and handheld wizard Vicarious Visions.

Unfortunately no details are being talked about just yet, but we expect the game to centre around a secret agent who can shoot lots of people without being hit himself.

Activision bagged the rights to the Bond licence in May last year, and will be able to make things based on the legendary character up until 2014 - that's two World Cups away. England might be good by then.

But according to the publisher we shouldn't expect to be swaggering around cocktail parties and voluptuous bodies any time soon, as Bond will likely not be out until later next year.

EA brought us the most recent James Bond outing back at the end of 2005, with a remake of From Russia With Love. Unfortunately we found it a little disappointing. Pop over to our From Russia With Love review to find out why.

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