Mass Effect: Andromeda News

BioWare reflects on a decade of Mass Effect

Tapestry tool to archive your choices now live.

"I've seen people literally spend $15,000 on Mass Effect multiplayer cards"

Former BioWare dev speaks out against EA's monetisation of games.

EA: "I see no reason why we shouldn't come back to Mass Effect"

Soderlund offers hope alongside confirmation series is shelved.

Mass Effect: Andromeda won't receive any more single-player updates

Multiplayer missions, novels and comics will continue the story.

BioWare veteran and Anthem lead designer Corey Gaspur passes away

"Corey was a talented designer and an even better person."

How internet trolls became Mass Effect fans' public enemy number one

Mass Effect Andromeda single-player DLC hoaxers head into hiding.

Mass Effect Andromeda patch makes Jaal bi

Adjusts trans character's dialogue, updates character creator.

Mass Effect series "on ice" following Andromeda disappointment

BioWare Montreal now helping out with other games.

Mass Effect Andromeda concept art shows early gameplay ideas

Settlement types, Remnant power-ups and squadmate changes.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands bests Zelda in US sales for March

Mass Effect Andromeda sales are the second-best in the series.

BioWare apologises for Mass Effect: Andromeda's poor transgender representation

Calls it "an unfortunate byproduct of the iterative process of game design".

BioWare issues statement on Mass Effect Andromeda future

"Our team is listening, working around the clock."

Mass Effect Andromeda's EA Access trial gives gated access to campaign

Multiplayer grants item boxes for single-player.

BioWare apologises for Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer beta cancellation

"Long story, but right decision for how close we are."

Mass Effect Andromeda lets you craft and name weapons

There's also a melee weapon slot for swords, hammers.

Mass Effect Andromeda release date finally confirmed for March

UPDATE: Fresh gameplay details class customisation.

Mass Effect official Twitter inadvertently highlights face "bug"

BioWare acknowledges moment has become "lightning rod".

Mass Effect Andromeda developers reassure fans after trailer sparks animation concerns

"We'll be polishing the game until they take it from our cold, dead hands."

Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer has links to campaign

But won't make you "feel cheated" into playing.

Now we know exactly when Mass Effect Andromeda is set

It begins shortly after Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect Andromeda trailer reveals new alien baddie

UPDATED: Loyalty missions return, Ryder siblings and asari named.

Mass Effect is getting four spin-off novels bridging the gap to Andromeda

N. K. Jemisin is penning the first, due this August.

Why BioWare showed Mass Effect Andromeda's female hero first

"Moved beyond" male Shepard reveal of 10 years ago.

EA lambasts Donald Trump for using Mass Effect audio in campaign ad

UPDATE: Video removed due to copyright violation.

Mass Effect: Andromeda early gameplay footage leaks

Krogans! Jetpacks! Explosive barrels!

New Titanfall game and Mass Effect: Andromeda coming in the next 14 months

Star Wars: Battlefront shipped 13m units, surpassing expectations.

BioWare turns 20 today

BioWare have the years gone?

Mass Effect 4 concept art teases new planets, species

At least two new alien races in the game, new-look Citadel hinted at.

Mass Effect and KOTOR project director Casey Hudson leaves BioWare

"BioWare is as magical a place today as it was when I started."

Mass Effect 4 concept footage reveals Mako vehicle

BioWare teases new land-based buggy and your hero's armour.

BioWare surveys fans for Mass Effect 4 input

More details coming this month at San Diego Comic-Con.

New Doctor Who character sure looks like Garrus from Mass Effect

Looks like the BBC has been doing calibrations.

BioWare: Mass Effect 4 will reference original trilogy but remain separate

"We've got a really cool idea for how we're going to carry on."

BioWare reveals Mass Effect 4 details, early footage

Set in "a whole new region of space".

Misogyny, racism and homophobia: where do video games stand?

"I want us as an industry to stop being so scared."

BioWare "discussed" Mass Effect PS4/Xbox One remasters

"If we can put solid plans together we'll share."

Mass Effect 4 teaser images released by BioWare

Aliens! Planets! And a return of the Mako?

BioWare: Mass Effect 4 may not relate to Shepard's story "at all, whatsoever"

ME3 ending controversy "a really good lesson learned".

Mass Effect 4 will be a Frostbite 3 game, but will Dragon Age 3?

UPDATE: Aaryn Flyn confirms that both games will use Frostbite 3.

BioWare: "calling the next game Mass Effect 4 is a disservice"

"The game does not have to come after. Or before."

Should Mass Effect 4 be a prequel or sequel?

BioWare wants your help deciding.

Mass Effect 4 will use DICE's Battlefield 3 engine

Lead development shifted to BioWare Montreal.