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Who's who in Mass Effect Andromeda

Ryder! Six squadmates! One mystery mother!

Mass Effect Andromeda takes the bold step of leaving behind an entire galaxy of characters in favour of a fresh start and all-new faces. So, who are your new space friends and enemies?

You'll likely know the basics already - you play as either Scott or Sara Ryder, twins whose look, backstory and names are all customisable. Their dad, Alec, will also appear - his appearance will adapt to any changes you make.

Alec begins as the Pathfinder - a souped-up hero diplomat badass sent to Andromeda to find humanity a new home - but, quickly, you are forced to take over to run the show. You have a new spaceship base, the Tempest, new races to meet and a new crew to collect. Here they all are:

Sara & Scott Ryder

The Ryders.

Both Ryder siblings will feature in Andromeda's story, regardless of the one you pick to play as - although your twin will only pop up at certain times.

Scott is formerly of the Alliance military, while Sara has spent time studying the Prothean race back home in the Milky Way. Despite these backgrounds, both characters' recent history can be adjusted at the start of the game to suit your individual tastes.



Liam Kosta, a fellow human, is one of your two starting squadmates. Like main character Ryder, he arrived in Andromeda aboard the human ark Hyperion.

A cop in a former life, and an engineer before that, he's part of the Pathfinder team to provide security.

He's described as youthful, enthusiastic and an idealist, upbeat but quick to anger. Oh, and he's from Laaandaan.


Cora (right), with Ryder.

Cora Harper, another human, is your second starting squadmate alongside Liam. You'll have recently seen her chewing Scott Ryder's face in the game's recent cinematic trailer.

A biotic, Cora trained with an elite asari unit before making the jump to Andromeda - so we're unlikely to get a repeat of Mass Effect 1 Ashley's space racist views.

Interestingly, she shares a surname with the Illusive Man (the comics revealed him to actually be named Jack Harper). Could there be a connection there?



Peebee, an asari, has been a regular part of the game's marketing and trailers. While referred to as Peebee, her full name is Pelessaria B'Sayle.

She joins your squad after crossing paths with Ryder early in Andromeda's story, and comes with some experience in the alien galaxy.

She arrived on the Nexus, the game's new Citadel-esque central hub space station, which made the journey to Andromeda alongside the four ark ships piloted by the Milky Way races.

Described as independent and fast-talking, Peebee left the Nexus to travel alone. Like Liara, she has an interest in alien civilisations, but unlike Liara she is described as more independent and free-spirited.



Drack, a krogan, is your new one-man wrecking ball.

It's unclear how soon Drack joins your squad, but he is shown to be on-side in the gameplay footage shown late last year, when Sara Ryder confronts rogue human colonist Sloane Kelly (who was previously a senior officer on the Nexus).

Some Mass Effect fans have already given him the nickname "Drake" instead, because who doesn't love that roguish Canadian rapper.

Drake, sorry - Drack, has a loyalty mission involving a lost ship of krogan who you have to save.



Vetra is a female turian, something which BioWare made us wait until Mass Effect 3's Omega DLC for us to see.

This time around, with Vetra, you'll have a permanent female turian on your squad for the first time.

Like Drack, it's unclear at what point Vetra will join your party, but she is also on your crew by the time you confront Sloane Kelly.



Jaal is a member of the new angara race, which call Andromeda's Helius Cluster home.

BioWare hasn't officially confirmed Jaal as a squadmate - or given his name - but he popped up in recent gameplay footage, and quickly after was shown as one of Andromeda's Funko Pop figurines (which, so far, just comprises the Ryder twins and their squadmates).

Prior to that, BioWare teased the fact an Andromedan squadmate would be included.

Your Tempest crew

Kallo Jath.

Kallo Jath is your new pilot. A salarian, he has been with the Tempest since its earliest days of design. Fun fact: BioWare initially had a separate salarian squadmate planned, but they were cut when the game grew too big.

Alec, meanwhile, has been retconned into being one of the first humans to explore through humanity's local relay, alongside Alliance hero Jon Grissom (whose backstory is a big part of Mass Effect novels). Later in life, Alec became interested in human advancement using AI, which is likely where SAM comes in.

SAM, which stands for Simulated Adaptive Matrix, is an AI linked to the human Pathfinder and their team. Think of it as an advanced version of the Normandy's EDI - although, so far, without the creepy body. Interestingly, SAM's biography on the Andromeda Initiative website mentions a "Dr. Elen Ryder" who invented the first Pathfinder implants. Could this be Alec's wife, and Sara/Scott's mother?

Other Tempest characters include a doctor, an asari named Lexi, while dialogue in an early trailer also suggested a character named Reyes.

New races

The Archon.

Mass Effect Andromeda features three new races: the angara, seen above; the kett, an antagonistic race which view humans as invaders; and the ancient, spidery Remnant, of which very little has been revealed.

While angarans are largely peaceful, the kett will be your most common foe. Their leader, the Archon, has been positioned as Ryder's main enemy and Mass Effect Andromeda's major antagonist.

But what of the Remnant? Like Mass Effect 1's introduction to the Reapers, it seems like this mysterious race will be something we find out about slowly over the course of the game. What could their intentions be?

And, alongside all the new races, the turians, salarians, krogans and asari are along for the ride as well. Other familiar races may turn up in the future, but this will have to wait until the game's DLC - or Andromeda 2.

...and more

BioWare still has plenty more to reveal, and is now doling out new information at a swift pace as Mass Effect Andromeda's 23rd March release date approaches. We have likely now seen all six of your squadmates, but the developer has played up how important the Tempest's crew will be - we're likely still to meet a few more of them.

And while the game is full of new faces, at least one familiar character is making a return.

For more on the game, we have a comprehensive breakdown of everything else in Mass Effect Andromeda you need to know.

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