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10-hour Mass Effect: Andromeda trial now open to all

Ryder hell not?

The 10-hour Mass Effect: Andromeda trial once offered on EA Access on Xbox and PC has returned and is now open to people on PS4 as well.

If you previously took part you can play again but only with the trial-time you have remaining. If you decide to buy the full game you can carry your saved progress over.

The trial is fairly open in terms of content. You can spend your time in single-player or multiplayer, and if you're taking on the campaign you can play as far as the vault on Eos - you will be turned away from going in - or until your time runs out. It means all the prologue is included as Eos is the first proper world you get to explore. We have a Mass Effect: Andromeda guide to help you if you need it.

The trial follows months of patching by EA BioWare to not only iron out Mass Effect: Andromeda bugs but also visually improve the game, via improved cutscene animations and lighting. They were among the reasons the game struggled to follow in the acclaimed footsteps of last generation's Mass Effect trilogy, but far from the only ones - "mediocre writing" and "tepid quests" hurt it far worse, as our Mass Effect: Andromeda review discusses.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was a product of a troubled development, as a Kotaku investigation discovered. The consequence is Mass Effect, as a series, has now been put on ice.

BioWare will now focus squarely on the hugely ambitious Destiny-like shared-world science-fiction shooter Anthem, revealed at E3 2017. The Dragon Age team is also working on a new game in the series.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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