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Four months on, BioWare still patching Mass Effect: Andromeda facial animations

Gurn-based RPG.

Mass Effect: Andromeda launched back in March to fierce criticism of its facial animations. Four months later, BioWare is still issuing patches to fix them.

The worst animation bugs were fixed quickly - that gun being the wrong way round, for example, along with Foster Addison looking like a shop window dummy and some of the weirder Ryder gurns.

Now, patch after patch, BioWare is combing through the game to tweak more subtle differences.

YouTuber Yongyea has been keeping track of these as each patch rolls out. Sometimes the changes are small - in others, whole scenes have been rejigged.

BioWare has edited out this angle of Ryder's face from The Tempest's introduction scene (before - left, right - after).

The latest update, 1.09, adjusts camera angles, lighting and mouth animations in a few scenes. Here's a detailed look:

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With reports BioWare Montreal has been downsized and the Mass Effect series put on ice, it's interesting to see what remains of the studio still tinkering, still trying to make Andromeda better, bit by bit.

Andromeda single-player DLC looks to be off the table, but the multiplayer mode just added a new batarian character.

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