Mass Effect: Infiltrator

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Mass Effect Infiltrator launches on Android

Mass Effect Infiltrator launches on Android

BioWare asari for the wait.

Mobile shooter Mass Effect Infiltrator is now available to download on Android devices, BioWare has announced.

It costs £4.43 from Google Play.

The enjoyable tie-in is created by IronMonkey Studios, developer of the mobile Dead Space spin-off. iPhone and iPad versions launched alongside Mass Effect 3 earlier this year.

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App of the Day: Mass Effect: Infiltrator

For a certain section of the gaming community, touch-screen games are a confusing and alarming thing. "No buttons! No sticks! What devilry be this?" they cry, in Vincent Price voices. Battle lines are drawn. Everything over there can't possibly be a proper game, because proper games have complex controls you can press and feel, not just simple taps and swipes.

This in turn leads to a lot of wasted time and energy as developers try to cater to this audience by making 'proper games' for touch-screen devices. They usually fail dismally, their square pegs jammed awkwardly halfway into a round hole, which in turn leads the aforementioned naysayers to nod sagely and pull 'told you so' faces.

One of the few developers to crack the hardcore touch-screen nut is Australia's IronMonkey Studio. They're the ones who brought Dead Space and Mirror's Edge to iOS devices, and now they've done the same for Mass Effect.

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