Doom Classic

Key events

Brutal Doom 64 mod will launch next week

Adds new lighting, gore, animations, enemies and more.

Watch Doom merged with God Hand in glorious mod video

Dragonkick your ass into... Mars?

After 14 years John Romero is working on another shooter

The Doom co-creator returns to the genre he helped popularise.

DOOM film reboot green-lit - report

To be smothered in 3D.

iPhone FPS Head-to-Head

Doom Classic vs. Eliminate Pro.

Carmack wants Rage iPhone game

He's busy working on Doom 4 these days.

Doom Classic launches on iPhone

Thy cash consumed.

id iPhone game every other month

Carmack talks up his pet project.

Carmack: Software holding back iPhone

But he's going to tell Apple what's what.

Doom iPhone submission next month

Carmack says it's going very well.