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Doom is now playable on Twitter

Hell site.

Doom is playable on pretty much anything, from a fridge to a pregnancy test. Now it's playable on Twitter.

Thanks to new bot Tweet2Doom, Twitter users can reply to tweets with various commands to control Doom Guy and receive a video clip of the results.

That means the game can either be played collectively, by replying to others as more of a turn-based affair, or a whole sequence of inputs as a speed run.

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The pinned tweet on the account explains it all. Letters denote various action inputs, and numbers denote the number of frames those actions last for. The bot will then spit back the last 10 seconds of gameplay as a video.

The bot also tweets out highlight reels to show the game in action:

There are also some incredibly impressive speedruns, like level E1M1 finished in just 11 seconds.

The game is yet to be completed using the bot, but surely it won't be long.