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GAME's stock system lists Far Cry 5 as "Father Trump"


Here's an odd one: UK retailer GAME refers to Far Cry 5 by a different name on its internal stock system - "Father Trump".

Staff from three separate GAME stores have verified the cheeky retitling to Eurogamer - and were able to provide photo evidence.

There's no knowing which employee edited Far Cry 5's stock details, though we've heard the name has existed on GAME's system since its unveiling on 26th May.

The unofficial rebranding of Ubisoft's upcoming shooter is a reference to the open world game's Montana, USA setting, and its focus on a religious cult which some fans have taken to have right-wing survivalist overtones.

Ubisoft's recent Far Cry 5 reveal sparked plenty of debate around the game's choice of setting and characters, with many fans drawing comparisons between it and the real-life USA.

We've contacted GAME and Ubisoft for comment.