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GAME Marketplace lets third-parties sell their products

Sold and fulfilled by...

UK video game shop has launched an online marketplace on which third-parties can sell their products.

GAME Marketplace sells new and preowned games as well as other game-related items, such as PC hardware, toys, memorabilia, books and clothes.

There are over 50,000 products from suppliers including Yellow Bulldog, Rarewaves, Bull Shirt, Venom and Fierce PC, GAME said.

A cursory glance at GAME Marketplace shows hubs for Star Wars, Marvel and Disney products, as well as tabs for T-shirts and graphic novels.

Now, when shopping on the GAME website, you'll know if you're buying from GAME itself or a third-party.

Take Destiny on Xbox One, for example. On the product page, just under GAME's "add to basket with free delivery"message is the following:

Sold and Fulfilled by

But further down are more buying choices, including one from Rarewaves, which is selling Destiny's shooter for just under £30. GAME has it listed for £49.99.

It's a similar system to that used by Amazon, which also offers more buying choices from a variety of third-parties.