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GAME releasing Pikmin 3 digital download codes early

Play Nintendo's masterpiece today.

UK retailer GAME is sending out digital download codes for Wii U masterpiece Pikmin 3 two days before its intended release date.

GAME customers began receiving the codes last night, Nintendo Life reported. Pikmin 3 is not supposed to go on sale until tomorrow.

Digital downloads of eShop games usually unlock at midnight on the day of release, but customers reported being able to download and play the game immediately.

GAME's digital download price for Pikmin 3 is £34.99, compared to Nintendo's own £39.99 eShop price tag.

Downloading a digital copy of the game also entitles you to a 30 per cent discount on fellow Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101 when that launches next month.

"Pikmin still feels like strategy seen with fresh eyes," Chris Donlan wrote in Eurogamer's glowing Pikmin 3 review. "Strategy, perhaps, by designers who were unconcerned with labelling, and just let their ideas lead them where they wanted to go."

Waiting for a boxed copy tomorrow? Eurogamer's Ian Higton will be live-streaming the game at 5pm UK time tonight.