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Game music at London Festival

Warcraft, Halo, Zelda, more.

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Scores from some of the biggest and most iconic games around are going to be performed as part of the London Games Festival this year.

The concert will take place on 22nd October at the Royal Festival Hall, where members of the Philharmonia Orchestra will recreate music from blockbusters like Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Warcraft and Sonic. Even retro titles like Pong and Donkey Kong will get a look in.

There will also be a special arrangement from Halo 3, composed by Marty O'Donnell and performed live by the orchestra for the first time. Although you might be a little busy actually playing it by then.

Tickets range from GBP 19.50 up to 32.50, and can be booked on the South Bank Centre website or by calling the Royal Festival Hall box office on 0871 663 2500.

The London Games Festival kicks off on the same day as the performance, and plays hosts to lots of little events in and around the city, lasting until early November. Forming part of it will be the BAFTA awards for the high achievers, and the London Games Career Fair for those of you looking to join the industry.

Pop over to the London Games Festival 2007 website for more factoids.

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