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GAME denies shipping MW2 early

"Doing everything we can" for Tues.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

GAME has said that emails sent to customers claiming copies of Modern Warfare 2 have already shipped do not mean people will be receiving it before launch day, 10th November.

"I can confirm that the emails are part of the automated process," a spokesperson told Eurogamer today.

"The tracking numbers were provided as part of the process we have with our delivery partners to ensure that accurate delivery messages are given to customers at all times. We're doing everything we can to ensure that MW2 is with them in time for launch day."

Similar emails went out to HMV customers earlier in the week, leading the retailer to issue a similar denial, declaring: "HMV would never knowingly break a street date."

There are other reports of Modern Warfare 2 getting out into the wild via retail, however, and we're looking into those now. Can Activision stop the signal?

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