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MW2 stock has "not been sent out"

HMV explains delivery emails.

HMV has clarified to Eurogamer that no copies of Modern Warfare 2 have been sent to customers, despite official emails stating otherwise.

"Some customers may have received an email alert suggesting that the dispatch process is under way, but the stock has not yet been sent," a spokesperson for the retailer told us.

"Fulfilling orders will obviously be a major undertaking, and in order to implement this in a timely manner, we have had to initiate the transaction process to begin printing off address labels. This has triggered the email alert, but stock has not been shipped.

"HMV would never knowingly break a street date," the spokesperson added.

Modern Warfare 2 launches on Tuesday, 10th November. Some retailers, such as ShopTo, are still awaiting stock.

Where, if anywhere, will the street-date break? Look to the supermarkets, if past launches are anything to go by. Do let us know if you see anything.