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Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles headed to Nintendo Switch Online


Nintendo is set to add Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles to Nintendo Switch Online, Eurogamer sources have confirmed.

Word that Nintendo will bulk up its Switch Online back catalogue first broke earlier this week via the Nate the Hate podcast, which discussed various possible handheld games Nintendo could bring to the Switch subscription offering. Nintendo Life sources then offered their own confirmation.

Now, Eurogamer has been able to separately corroborate these reports - and we have heard that other retro platforms are also on the cards.

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Nintendo Switch Online's classic game library currently includes around 80 NES games and 50 SNES games (though totals vary between regions).

It's fair to say that many - if not nearly all - of these platform's biggest games are now available via the service, and fans are keen for something fresh.

This month is the third anniversary of the Nintendo Switch Online service, which originally launched in September 2018 offering a selection of NES titles. SNES games began trickling out from September 2019.

A datamine of the NES Switch app back in January 2019 tipped the addition of SNES titles to the service before Nintendo made the announcement official. At the time, the datamine also pointed to a couple of other emulators hiding in the code, ready for Nintendo to add further platforms down the line.

So, which Game Boy titles are you looking forward to?

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