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From Dust breaks Ubisoft sales record

PSN version "available soon".

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Eric Chahi's eye-catching god simulation From Dust has broken publisher Ubisoft's day one digital download sales record.

The Xbox 360 game broke record digital sales after launching on 27th July.

It had the highest first day sales of any Xbox Live Arcade game that Ubisoft has ever released, with sales approximately 45 per cent higher than Ubisoft's previous best-selling XBLA release - a game the French publisher failed to disclose. Was it Beyond Good & Evil HD, or perhaps Scott Pilgrim vs. the World?

Ubisoft today said pre-orders of the PC version of From Dust, which goes on sale on 17th August, are "tracking very well".

The PlayStation Network version "will be available soon", Ubisoft said.

From Dust's success is well deserved. Eurogamer's From Dust review unearthed a 9/10.

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