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FreeStyle happier with DJ Hero 2 price

Was "quite vocal" about original cost.

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DJ Hero 2 developer FreeStyle Games has told Eurogamer TV that it is much happier with the pricing for its second turntable music game.

The original DJ Hero was sold for £100 in the UK, and FreeStyle studio manager Kevin McSherry indicated he wasn't impressed by the premium price tag.

"Well, FreeStyle Games have been quite vocal in our feedback on that," he told EGTV in an interview you can watch below.

"And there's some fantastic news on pricing actually - the whole game this time around is about two turntables and a microphone, and Activision have worked with us to produce a fantastic party pack.

"It basically has the two turntables, the microphone and the game for $149. That's miles away from where we were last year."

Last time around the game was critically acclaimed, scoring 8/10 on Eurogamer but that didn't translate into sales immediately. The game has since been discounted and Activision recently claimed sales were at 1.2 million "and counting".

This year Activision and FreeStyle hope for both critical and commercial success, and you can read about their progress in our DJ Hero 2 preview.

McSherry also said that there would be only "minor" changes to the turntable peripheral for the sequel.

"We always make minor iterative improvements as you go along with a piece of hardware like this, and that work is going on in the background," he told EGTV.

"But as far as gameplay is concerned it's exactly the same, so if you own DJ Hero 1 turntable it will work brilliantly on DJ Hero 2 and vice versa."

Kevin McSherry talks price, hardware and singing.

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