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Free new Gears multiplayer mode

More details due this week.

Epic Games will unveil a new Gears of War multiplayer mode this week, due to launch as part of a forthcoming Xbox Live patch. Oh, and it will be free. Those guys.

"The next title update for Gears of War is currently going through the certification process," vice president Mark Rein told the game's official forum.

"We'll have more detail about the update next week but I can tell you that in addition to fixing a whole bunch of glitches, and providing 720p for VGA users running at 1280x1024, it will contain a brand new multiplayer gametype called Annex.

"Some folks who got to play it a few weeks ago said they think it is our best multiplayer gametype yet but I'll leave it for you fans to decide what you think for yourself when it shows up soon on Xbox Live. More details next week."

Rein went on to confirm that the patch (one of those auto-downloading "Title Update" affairs, as he says) will be completely free.

Gears is also getting ready for a world tournament on Live, with ranked play set to become a factor from 9th April onward. For more on that, read more on that, obviously.