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Free Hearthstone packs to celebrate 100 million player milestone


Log on to Hearthstone tomorrow and you'll be gifted half a dozen free packs from the game's most recent expansion, The Boomsday Project.

A new set of quests will also award up to 500 gold for a further five card packs.

The giveaways are in celebration of Hearthstone hitting 100 million players, a milestone announced by Blizzard last night. That's not 100 million active players, mind, although the game is clearly still very popular.

Blizzard figures state an average of 2655 real-world Hearthstone Fireside Gathering meetups take place every month around the world - events organised to play the game in bars, student unions, gaming shops and the like where you can battle those in the same room.

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It is some positive news for Blizzard after a bruising weekend at BlizzCon after an unprecedented fan backlash at the reveal of a Diablo mobile game.