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Four years later, the average Viking: Battle for Asgard arrives on PC

Is Sega having Olaf?

Four years after being released on PS3 and Xbox 360, Creative Assembly's mediocre action strategy game Viking: Battle for Asgard has been ported to PC.

It costs £10 on Steam.

Creative Assembly didn't do the conversion: Sega studio Hardlight did. With the PC version comes higher resolutions, anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, better lightning and shadows and all that sort of stuff gaming PCs flex their muscles on. Apparently this will "reinvigorate the game for 2012 with outstanding visuals".

Let's do a little comparison. (View in full resolution if you can.)

Viking: Battle for Asgard casts you as a young Viking hero (with super powers) and tasks you with amassing an army to take on naughty goddess Hel. The game was to invoke Total War for consoles, using large scale battles and a bit of strategy.

But it was a bit naff. Our Kristan Reed described Viking as "mindless, grinding hackandslash". "The best thing you can say about the game is that it's technically impressive," he wrote, "and the open world structure is a good idea - but that's it."

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