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Four new modes in Halo: Reach beta

Headhunter! Invasion! Stockpile! Etc.

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Bungie has revealed to 1UP four new modes that will feature in Halo: Reach's multiplayer beta when it launches on 3rd May. The modes are Headhunter, Stockpile, Generator Defence and Invasion.

Headhunter is a free-for-all "party" game in which players collect skulls from defeated opponents and have to carry them back to a moving deposit zone to score. You can carry multiple skulls, but if you're killed before scoring you drop them; other players can see how many you have, and if you have more than ten, you get a flashing star over your head, marking you as a prime target.

Stockpile is a team game that "is sort of like Territories meets with Capture the Flag," according to Bungie. Neutral flags appear randomly across the map and teams have to return them to their respective capture points. The twist is that you'll only score once a timer counts down every 60 seconds, at which point any flag in the capture zone - even if carried by an opponent - will be added to the score.

Generator Defence is the experimental mode Bungie has previously called Network Test 1, designed specifically to work on the asymmetrical Overlook map. In this game, three Elites try to destroy three generators defended by three Spartans. In the second of two five-minute rounds, the teams switch. Power weapons are dropped in randomly over the course of the match.

Bungie didn't say much about Invasion, other than that it's "a vehicle-full frenzy" on the giant new Boneyard map, and pits two teams of six against each other. Both Invasion and Generator Defence will enjoy special Load Out configurations for players to use.

You can read more about the Halo: Reach multiplayer's maps, abilities, ranking and matchmaking elsewhere on the site, and expect full impressions of the beta just ahead of its launch on 3rd May. Not long now!

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