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Football Manager 2021 free agents and bargains: the best cheap players and transfers in FM21

The best low-cost and freebie players you can pick in Football Manager's first transfer window.

Free agents and transfer bargains are going to be extra important in FM21 thanks to the massive financial impact of the pandemic on the game's first transfer window - but they're also just satisfying deals to track down as it is.

Whether you're taking over the filthy rich Chelsea or a lower league fighter like Huddersfield Town, you'll always be looking to save money on the transfer market, and so below we've compiled a list of the best players you can snap up for free or a small amount in this year's Football Manager 2021.

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If you're after some players with a chance to really improve, mind, our page on FM21 wonderkids and the highest potential young players is the place to go.

FM21 free agents and bargain transfers: the best free and cheap players in Football Manager 2021

There are fewer household names than usual here, but still some cracking deals that can be a big help in your early seasons. Here are the best free agents, free transfers and bargains in FM21.

FM21 free agents and bargain transfers list:

NameAgePositionClubTransfer Fee (£M)Current wage (£k p/w)
Luuk Brand20GKN/AFreeNone
Diego Barrios25GKN/AFreeNone
Jerrel Hak20DM, M (C)N/AFreeNone
Mohamed Boukhari21M/AM (C)N/AFreeNone
Renato Santos28M/AM (R)N/AFreeNone
Henk Bos27M/AM (C)N/AFreeNone
Javi Espinosa27M/AM (C)N/AFreeNone
Eric Rajal20AM (LC)N/AFreeNone
Abdelrafik Gerard27M (RLC), AM (C)N/AFreeNone
Inaqi Quereda24D (L)N/AFreeNone
Rob Keuken20M (C)N/AFreeNone
Shayne Pattynama21D/WB (L), DM, M (LC)Telstar0N/A
Lars Gulpen27M/AM (C)EHC0N/A
Christophe van Zutphen20D (C)FC Den Bosch0.008250.14
Shurny Marengo20AM (RL)FC Volendam0.009750.13
Gabriel Leveh20D (RC)KRC Genk0.01652.3
Gonzalo Zamorano25AM (R), ST (C)Vikingur0.0170.425
David Alvarez33M (C), AM (RC)Barco0.02051.3
Marian Shved23AM (R), ST (C)KV Mechelen0.047.5
Fran Oller26M/AM (C)Almeria0.04150.65
Pituli32M/AM (RL)Toledo0.04251.4
Luis Guillermo Madrigal27ST (C)Salamanca0.0542.7
Curro24AM (RC)Ponferrada0.1652.3
Jaime Romero29M (R), AM (RL)Qarabag0.252.7
Yohan Mollo31M/AM (RL)Panathinaikos0.44.5

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How we chose our list of the best free agents and bargains in FM21

Using the in-game scouting system, we've made a list to search for players with ratings of at least 14 (out of 20) in two or more ability fields, and over 10 in two others. Many of the players below exceed these. These abilities cover mental, technical and physical abilities, which can define not just a player's on-pitch performance, but how they interact with you and others on the team.

We set the maximum age to 33, so you can be sure you'll get at least a couple of years from some of these players. Usually, goalies are hard to come by but this year we're treated to two players not attached to any club, both with the potential of reaching 20 in handling ratings (the most important for goalkeepers).

There are many other highlights. Gabriel Leveh of KRC Genk seems to be the best cheap defender you can snap up, and he's only 20-years-old. Rental Santos looks to be a potential beast in your midfield, and is somehow available for the princely sum of £0. And we thought it would be nice to highlight Abdelrafik Gerard due to the flexibility of where you can play him on the field. Now it's just a matter of whether your scrappy team can also become formidable league challengers.

For more like this, our guide to FM21 wonderkids and the highest potential young players could come in very handy.

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