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Fish Tycoon DS due in 2008

Port of PC fish-breeder. Oddly.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Majesco has told Eurogamer that a DS adaptation of popular PC online game Fish Tycoon will arrive in Europe early next year.

Fish Tycoon for the DS, put together by Majesco's Aquaria Interactive studio, is a fish-breeding simulation originally published by Big Fish Games.

Players have to raise fish in virtual aquariums and cross-breed them to sell, which funds purchase of supplies, medicine, special chemicals, research and advertising.

You start off with a small selection of fish and then breed them to try and create the "7 Magic Fish" through experimentation.

"We believe that the game's exclusive DS features and extensive touch-screen use will ensure the handheld iteration builds upon the PC version's success," Majesco's John Merchant said.

As well as version-specific controls, the DS release also promises over 750 fish - nearly twice as many as on the PC - along with 3D environments, new tank decorations, and four speed options.

If that sounds good to you, you can try it out on the PC right now over at developer Last Day of Work's website.

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