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First pay-to-play game appears on PSN

Like having a coin-op machine at home.

Sony has launched a new pay-to-play game on the Japanese PlayStation Network.

As reported by Kotaku it's a new version of Trash Panic titled 100 Yen Gomibako, and the clue is in the title. The game costs JPY 100 (GBP 0.65 / EUR 0.75) to download and that includes three credits.

Once you've used them up, however, it costs another JPY 100 to play again. Hands up who can remember when this was all just 10ps?

At least you get some extras for your money, including play modes that have to be unlocked with old fashioned hard work in the regular version. There are also some PlayStation Home items but you do have to play to unlock those.

Or you could just download regular Gomibako - read our review to find out why it's worth the bother.