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Trash Panic out later this month

PSN puzzler with an ecological message.

Sony has given PSN game Trash Panic a release date of 28th May.

It's a block-dropping puzzler with a rubbish twist - LITERALLY. The receptacle is a bin and it's flanked either side by two conveyor belts, which steadily drop more and more rubbish in. And it's how you get rid of the rubbish that forms the core of the game.

Biodegradable waste can be grouped together to rot, you see, and heavier items can smash through lighter litter. Burning trash works wonders, too.

Trash Panic has plenty of twists to keep things taxing and hopefully the bright and cheery game can teach us a thing or two about the planet along the way. Is there a landfill option? It's much easier.

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