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First gameplay footage of Secret of Mana remake appears

Makes you Randi.

The first gameplay footage of the Secret of Mana 3D remake has surfaced. It's not the best quality and it's a little jerky but it's our best look yet at Square Enix's surprise retro-remake for PC (Steam), PS4 and Vita.

On show are the opening sequences of the beloved Super Nintendo action role-playing game, where village boy Randi pulls a sword from stone and begins a grand adventure.

Cover image for YouTube video

It's hard to draw too many conclusions given the quality of the footage and having not played it. Clearly the animations are more complex and the 3D world has more screen-filling heft.

But the remake appears to lack the kind of painterly and ornate spritely charm of the original Secret of Mana game. Dare I say it, the remake looks a little saturated and bland by comparison.

Cover image for YouTube videoSNES Longplay [214] Secret of Mana (2p) (part 1 of 8)

In addition to a new 3D look, the Secret of Mana remake adds voices to characters (in a choice of English or Japanese languages), some new dialogue scenes and a newly arranged soundtrack. The remake will also support local three player co-op.

The Secret of Mana remake is due 15th February and costs £33 on PS4, £30 on Steam. I can't find a Vita PS Store listing.