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First footage of ArmA dev's Mars exploration game

Going for £10 on Steam Early Access on 1st August.

ArmA dev Bohemia announced a Mars exploration simulator called Take On Mars at E3 a few weeks ago. Now there's a video.

The £9/€10/$13 PC game, available 1st August as an Early Access title on Steam, puts you in control of customisable Rovers and Landers on the Red Planet. All the locations are built from actual satellite data.

Rovers and Landers are fully destructible so arms, cameras and wheels will break off if roughly used - and repairing them will be a costly operation. You'll have to complete missions to secure additional funding.

There are three game modes: Space Program, Scenarios and Editor. The latter is for modders, and it'll be interesting to see what they come up with.

"After this initial launch," commented project lead Martin Melicharek, "we hope to receive feedback and suggestions from players and work together to create the most dynamic exploration sim game driven by everyone's passion for exploration and interest in extra-terrestrial bodies such as Mars... Better said, especially Mars!"

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