Take on Mars

Swathed in atmosphere and crammed with detail, Take on Mars is let down by frequent bugs and some enormously frustrating design decisions.

Take on Mars review

Take on Mars review

Crossing the Weir.

My favourite thing about Take On Mars is that you can use your PDA to take selfies. This may sound like a weird and pointless feature, and in a lot of ways it is. But when you're alone on an entire planet that will passively murder you for making the slightest mistake, the ability to take a photo of yourself is surprisingly comforting.

Here is a selfie of me at my spaceship's crash site, that left all of my crewmates dead. You can't see it because of the reflective visor, but I am secretly crying. Lol!

Here is a selfie of me with my COOL CARGO TRUCK.

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Bohemia's war: the story of the company behind Arma and DayZ

From Operation Flashpoint to a Greek prison and back again.

Imagine waking one morning to discover that two of your staff had been detained in a foreign country over allegations of espionage. What would you do? You're not the head of MI6. You don't employ spies. You employ developers who make video games. You discover the news in your online forum but soon it's spread like wildfire, to local radio and TV, and people are knocking at your door for comment. What do you say? What do you tell the families of the arrested men?

UPDATE 2.30PM GMT: Multiplayer was a possibility when I visited the studio - having multiple people trying to survive on Mars at the same time. But it sounds like it may not make it in. "We are experimenting with multiplayer at the moment, though at this point it is most likely that it will not feature in the game. I hope that with further experimentation this changes," wrote project lead Martin Melicharek on the Bohemia forum.