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Fire Emblem Fates is a smash hit - despite localisation controversy

But when will it launch in the UK?

3DS role-playing game Fire Emblem Fates has notched up an impressive 300,000 sales in just three days of sale in North America.

That number was no doubt boosted by the fact Fates arrived via a number of editions. Two versions - Birthright and Conquest - of the game were available at launch, alongside a special edition which included both.

A third campaign, Revelation, will then be available to download on 10th March. Other DLC will also follow.

Fates has hit the headlines recently for a couple of changes to its Western version. You can no longer caress the faces of random followers, for one. A scene where the main character drugged a gay character's drink then could romance them even if they were straight has also been removed. Some fans objected to the changes having been made.

The dual-release strategy is reminiscent of Pokémon - which traditionally has launched its major games in pairs (Red and Blue, Gold and Silver, X and Y).

Regardless, Fire Emblem Fates sold more than five times as many copies as its 3DS predecessor Fire Emblem Awakening over the same time period.

But what of the game in Europe? Nintendo has still not announced a launch date here, other than saying it will arrive at some point in 2016. Here's hoping that happens sooner rather than later.