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Find out more about Forspoken's "magic-enhanced parkour" in this new BTS video

Use your i-magic-nation.

Luminous Productions has kicked off an all-new behind-the-scenes series for its upcoming action-PRG, Forspoken.

The first of a three-part series, "Magic Parkour" focuses on protagonist Frey Holland and - predictably enough - her "magic-enhanced parkour" and traversal skills. We also get to see "the variety of spells at her disposal giving players a taste of what to expect when the game launches". You can check it out below:

Forspoken Deep Dive | Magic Parkour.Watch on YouTube
"Using her newfound magical abilities, Frey is able to nimbly traverse the treacherous terrain of Athia and explore her strange new surroundings.This Magic Parkour also comes in handy when she comes toe-to-toe with the multitude of enemies lurking in the corrupted landscape of the Break," the video teases. "Hit the ground running in this overview of the Magic Parkour system in Forspoken."

The next video - slated to drop on 3rd November - will focus more on Forspoken's combat "and dive into the fundamentals of Frey's magical combat skills" by sharing more about the types of magic, attacks, and upgrades we'll be able to unlock. The final video, out 10th November, showcases the quests, challenges and activities players will "find and accomplish" in the world of Athia.

Forspoken, Square Enix's forthcoming action-RPG for PS5 and PC, was delayed into 2023 as a "strategic decision". Originally intended for release on 11th October this year, it will now launch on 24th January 2023.

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