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Final Fantasy creator's Fantasian heads to Switch after Apple exclusivity

Enter the Dimengeon.

Close up of Fantasian white haired protagonist Leo in dark dimension
Image credit: Mistwalker

Fantasian, the RPG from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, is heading to Switch this winter.

The game has been an Apple Arcade exclusive since it launched in 2021.

Now it's heading to Switch with the name Fantasian Neo Dimension, as revealed during today's Nintendo Direct.

Fantasian Neo Dimension – Nintendo Direct 6.18.2024Watch on YouTube

It's a typical turn-based RPG, but features the Dimengeon system that allows players to bank random battles and then fight against multiple enemies at once to prevent grinding.

It's been suggested for a while Fantasian would be released elsewhere, with a Steam release rumoured in August last year.

Currently it's unknown if this new release will be on Switch only, or if a Steam release is also on the way.

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