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Final Fantasy 16 update adds motion blur controls

Torgal on and off.

An update released today for Final Fantasy 16 adds a new option for players to adjust the strength of motion blur.

Many players have complained of nausea while playing the game, making this option a much requested feature.

As explained in the patch notes, the default setting for motion blur is the maximum of five - this can now be reduced or completely switched off.

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Further camera options allow players to prevent it from automatically following the player during movement and attacking, plus maximum camera sensitivity has been increased.

The update also adds three new controller layouts. While the controls cannot be completely remapped, the new layouts provide more options - attacks and Eikon abilities can be swapped between the shoulder buttons now, for instance.

Lastly, the stability of menus has been improved, some text issues have been corrected, and a new hashtag will appear when sharing screenshots and videos on social media.

Fans are pleased with the motion blur options, though many are still requesting further updates to the game's performance mode which is sometimes choppy in busy areas.

Final Fantasy 16 has so far proven popular, selling 3m units worldwide within its first week on sale.

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