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Final Fantasy 16 sells 3m copies worldwide

After dominating the UK physical chart.

Final Fantasy 16 has sold 3m copies worldwide in under a week.

The news was shared on the official Twitter account for the game, noting this includes both physical and digital sales.

It's a strong start for the game - the first new mainline single player game in the series for seven years - but how does it compare to other releases in the series?

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2016 saw the release of Final Fantasy 15, which sold 5m copies in its first day. However, it's important to note this was released across both PS4 and Xbox One, whereas Final Fantasy 16 is PS5 only.

In 2020, Final Fantasy 7 Remake sold 3.5m copies in four days, though this was a PS4 exclusive released to a considerable playerbase by this time. It hit the 5m mark after four months, and was Square Enix's highest-selling digital release ever on PlayStation at the time.

Final Fantasy 16's numbers are lower, then, but this is a PS5 exclusive released at an earlier time in the console's lifecycle. In that sense, 3m copies is a fantastic start.

As reported earlier this week, the game has had the fifth-highest UK boxed launch of the year so far and debuted at the top of the UK boxed charts.

What remains to be seen is how many more copies will be sold beyond the initial rush by hardcore fans.

"Three million people have watched Clive cry," joked voice actor Ben Starr.

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