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Final Fantasy 14's next Letter from the Producer Live will be on April Fool's Day

Expect details on Patch 6.1 Newfound Adventure and 6.1 Part 2. And jokes, probably.

There's both good and bad news for Final Fantasy 14 fans: the good news is that the date for the next Letter from the Producer Live presentation from Final Fantasy 14 producer and director Naoki Yoshida has been set. The bad news is that it's 1st April.

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The show will reportedly cover what's new in patch 6.1 Newfound Adventure, as well as details about Patch 6.1 Part 2, and mysterious "miscellaneous" updates that as yet are unspecified.

You can tune in yourself via YouTube and Twitch on 1st April 12pm UK time (that's 4am PDT / 7am EDT) and just like prior shows, though the slides will be presented in both English and Japanese, the discussion and interviews will only be in Japanese.

As PCGN quite rightly point out, the timing of this show - however frustrating for fans trying to unpick the real news from April Fool jokes - does intimate that the patch should drop on 12th April, as the patches tend to release 11 days after the Live Letter presentations.

Free Final Fantasy 14 trials are now back. Free trials were pulled at the end of last year, after a massive increase in its player base resulted in long queues ahead of the release of the new expansion Endwalker. It only returned to sale a couple of months ago.

Final Fantasy 14 is now the most profitable game in Square Enix's RPG series. Yoshida revealed the milestone at an Endwalker expansion preview event at the end of last year, confirming that the MMO has now surpassed 24 million players. It comes 11 years after the game was originally released and critically panned in its initial state. In a chart shared with the press, the game had four million registered users in 2015, then hit 10 million at the release of the third expansion, Stormblood, in 2017. Since then, the numbers have doubled.