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FIFA 08 Wii details emerge

Ronaldinho turned to Mii.

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EA has released new details for the Wii version of FIFA 08, including news that Ronaldinho will be turned into a Mii avatar.

It's this buck-toothed character that will host the Footii Party mode, which is made up of, yes - party games! They've all got a football slant, obviously - so expect variations based around table football, penalty shoot-outs and "keepie uppies". Do well and you could unlock the Brazillian virtuoso himself, or take him on in a foot-to-foot battle.

"My character looks like he enjoys playing football and shares my passion for the game," Ronaldinho beamed. "This is important to me."

The main mode is a clean and crisp looking affair that lets you guide one of over 570 teams - from more than 20 nations - to glory. You can read more about exactly what sort of role the motion-sensing controls will have to play in our FIFA 08 Wii first impressions and interview with the developers. As you might imagine, there will be dozens of interactive tutorials to teach you the ropes.

Naturally it isn't the only version of FIFA due out this autumn, and stakes are running high on the next-generation offering. And because we go the extra mile to give you more, we shoved Tom on a plane and flew him off to Canada to see it all in action. Pop over to his first impressions of FIFA 08 to find out more, or listen to what producer Joe Booth had to say about the game in our interview.

Alternatively you can thunder your way over to our FIFA 08 Wii gallery to see the latest screenshots.

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