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Live-action Legend of Zelda fan film trailer released

We Zora few before, this might be the best yet.

A team of talented Zelda fans have released a trailer for The Legend of Zelda: The Final Battle, their upcoming live-action film.

The Final Battle will centre around the finale of N64 classic Ocarina of Time, as Zelda hero Link faces off against the evil Ganondorf.

Fairy companion Navi and noble steed Epona also put in appearances.

The Final Battle is being created by the Los Angeles-based Zelda Project, a collective of more than 50 fans who have worked on the film over the last two years.

It's far from the first live-action Zelda project we've seen, but it looks like one of the better funded.

A recent report revealed that Nintendo is currently working with Netflix to develop a live-action Legend of Zelda TV series. It was described as "Game of Thrones for a family audience", although official details have yet to be released.

Perhaps it may look a little like this:

Cover image for YouTube videoLegend of Zelda: Live Action Teaser