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Fans rework Homeworld 2, System Shock and Thief 2

A trip down re-tarmaced memory lane.

These people deserve a certificate or something, because today there's another reason to go back to System Shock, Homeworld 2 and Thief 2: fan-made mods and patches.

For darling space strategy game Homeworld the reason is Complex, a mod.

Complex lives up to its name; it's a free mod for professional or hardcore Homeworld 2 players who like long, deep and complicated bouts. Complex expanded all areas of Homeworld 2 to accommodate this. It's earned a place in the Mod Hall of Fame alongside projects like Garry's Mod, Defense of the Ancients and DayZ. There's a Complex video below.

Version 8.2.4 changes are listed on the Complex site (picked up by Kotaku). What's Homeworld all about? Take a trip down memory lane to Eurogamer's Homeworld 2 review and more recent Homeworld retrospective to find out.

The updates to System Shock and Thief 2 aren't mods: they're unofficial patches. They herald from a French forum and convert both games for today's PC hardware and operating systems. Smooth and stable 1920x1080 gameplay, according to Kotaku, which tested them out and, again, spread the word.

On the French forum you'll find links to the patches for both games and links to demos for the patches running on both games.

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