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Fallout Shelter adds its first Fallout 4 character

Meet Preston Garvey and his lovely Laser Musket.

Fallout Shelter has introduced its first character from the upcoming Fallout 4.

Available as a random card in lunchboxes - the Fallout parlance for treasure chest, acquired via in-game currency or real money microtransactions - the new cast member is named Preston Garvey. Described on the Bethesda Blog as a "Legendary Dweller" of the Commonwealth Minutemen, Preston sports a nifty Laser Musket.

Here's how he looks in both Fallout Shelter and in Fallout 4, where he brandishes his trademark weapon:

Our Chris Donlan noted in his impressions piece that lunchboxes are "where Fallout Shelter shines."

As of last week, Fallout Shelter was raking in more money than Candy Crush Saga.

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