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Fallout creator leaves MMO for inXile

"More stable" than Interplay project.

Fallout co-creator Jason Anderson has joined fellow Interplay veteran Brian Fargo at his inXile studio, where he's working on a new single-player RPG.

Anderson was previously back at Interplay with another Fallout vet, Chris Taylor, working on the company's long-discussed Fallout MMO. Interplay sold the single-player Fallout rights to Bethesda, resulting in recent smash hit Fallout 3, but retained the rights to make an online version.

The future of the Fallout MMO - codenamed Project V13 - isn't so rosy, Anderson hinted to Gamasutra.

"The future of the - well, I don't know if I want to go there. [inXile] was a more stable opportunity," he said. Even so, "It was a very hard decision to leave Project V13. I loved the project, and we spent so much time on it, and it was not an easy decision to make."

He was also motivated by his love of the story-driven single-player RPG. "I want to get back to RPGs that are very story-driven and character-driven. Personally, I've never gotten out of [single-player] RPGs. There was the short stint working on the MMO for the past year, but that was pretty much it," he said.

inXile released 2004's reboot of The Bard's Tale, and is currently working on HEI$T for Codemasters.

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