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Fallout 76 just increased its stash limit by 50%

For the hoard.

Fallout 76 has today received a substantial update that increases the game's stash limit.

The multiplayer-focused post-apocalyptic adventure has struggled with its stash limit ever since it launched back in November 2018. Players - particularly those focused on building bases - have long called for Bethesda to up the limit in order to make playing more efficient. It didn't help that Bethesda gave Fallout 1st subscribers unlimited scrapbox space for crafting components.

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Today's update increases the stash limit by 50 per cent to a maximum of 1200 pounds. Other welcome changes include the addition of three new tabs in your inventory: new, armour and food/drink. These should help you stay on top of all the gear you've been collecting.

Elsewhere, when you select a stack of items in your inventory, the menu will now show you the total weight of that stack. Also welcome: player vending machine tooltips on the map now display how many one, two and three-star legendary items they're selling, so you know before you go.

And outlines in build mode now appear blue instead of green so players with colorblindness can more easily differentiate between valid and invalid placement.

The update weighs in at 1.6GB on PC via Bethesda.net, 5GB on PC via the Microsoft Store, 2GB on PC via Steam, 4.2GB on PlayStation 4, and 4.8GB on Xbox One.

The patch notes in full are on Bethesda's Fallout website.