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Fairbrass hints at MW2 expansion

"Other little bits" discussed with 'Ghost'.

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Craig Fairbrass, who voices Ghost in some cheap little shooter that came out this week we can't remember the name of, has hinted that he may be called upon to supply dialogue for new content.

Chatting with Eurogamer on the camo carpet at the Modern Warfare 2 (ah!) launch premiere in Leicester Square on Monday night, the hulking British actor, who played Gaz in the original MW, revealed how excited his kids were about his character featuring in a DC Comics series, adding: "They're talking to me about other little spin-offs. I'm just really, really pleased and happy to be a part of it."

Pressed on whether there were more game roles on the horizon, he teased: "They're talking to me about doing some other little bits for this. It's lovely being in Los Angeles being part of this. It's amazing."

On the reaction to the controversial "No Russian" airport scene in the game, he said: "You can understand that. At the end of the day it is a game, for adults not for children, so as long as you're responsible and do the right thing."

Meanwhile, fellow British actor Billy Murray, who reprises his role as Captain Price in the sequel, was dismayed to learn of UK politicians debating the game's content in Parliament. He told us: "They should be arguing about other things, looking after our country and getting us out of Iraq, shouldn't they?"

You can see more from Fairbrass and Murray - both of whom used to be in Eastenders, though only the former got to cop off with Bianca - plus all the other action from the glitzy London premiere over on EGTV.

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