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Eye-tracking tech shows where pro Street Fighter players look during a match


Ever wondered where Street Fighter pros look on the screen while they're playing?

Japanese website (thanks, EventHubs) hooked up pro player Sako to the SteelSeries Sentry Gaming Eye Tracker to work out where on the screen he looks while playing Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Three infrared microprojectors scan the eyes 50 times per second to track and record exactly where you're looking.

As you can see from the grey circle in the video below, Sako, playing as Elena, looks at the space in between his character and his opponent, anticipating every move as part of the "footsies" game. It's also a good spot for Elena's "poke" range, suggesting Sako has an incredible understanding of how close his character needs to be in order to land a hit.

Also, Sako doesn't appear to look at the Super or Ultra combo gauges, or his lifebar, suggesting his peripheral vision does the trick.

The video is an interesting glimpse into the mind of a high-level Street Fighter player. I wonder what it would look like for a Marvel vs. Capcom match?

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