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EVE now on Linux, Mac

Lets play spaceships.

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Developer CCP has beamed us a signal to say that EVE Online will be playable on Linux and Mac later this year.

The different versions are being made as part of a hand-holding agreement with TransGaming, a software company with the right answers when it comes to making games playable on different platforms.

So, there will be no performance drop when using Linux or a Mac, and everything will be identical to the Windows version. That means you'll all be able to play spaceships together on one great big supercomputer server - one that's ranked among the top in the world.

EVE Online originally emerged back in 2003, but has since undergone significant transformations - largely thanks to developer CCP acquiring full rights to its own game.

Most recently the Revelations II major game update was released, which added lots of things only Pat understands.

Revelations III is expected sometime in November, and it will come complete with a glitzy DirectX10 makeover for the old girl. CCP is also currently working on a new update that will let you get out of your ship, walk around space stations, and interact with other captains.

We flew off to Iceland recently to see what 10 years of the game meant to CCP and its fan base. Pop over our EVE Online report to see how space affects the mind of a human.

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