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Major EVE Online content update

Revelations II deployed.

CCP is currently in the process of deploying Revelations II, the second part of its second major game update for EVE Online, its space-based MMO.

The game's live server, Tranquility, is now back online after being down all morning, and access to the patch is expected to begin soon.

UPDATE: Looks as though you're going to have to wait until tomorrow to get your hands on the patch. According to CCP's site, "This deployment is scheduled to last approximately 24 hours, with an estimated return to service at 0200 GMT on Wednesday 20 June."

Revelations II includes a huge amount of features over the now defunct 3.14.32517 client, including Heat, the ability to overclock ship modules while running the risk of burning out slot racks; improved alliance and corp management additions, including a starbase fuel technician role (!); the introduction of level-5 agents for NPC missions; a big feature boost for those into solo exploration, such as 100 new "encounter" combat sites and built-in scanners for all ships; mentalist anti-fleet warfare features; completely new skills, such as Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration, Projected Electronic Counter Measures, Bomb Deployment and Remote Hull Repair Systems; and an absolute ton of other stuff. Pop over to the website for the full release notes.

EVE is now playable on Vista, too.

To celebrate the release, CCP's put together a fairly astonishing new movie. You'll be able to clap your eyes on it later today on Eurogamer TV.

If the above means nothing to you, suffice it to say that the new content is "pretty cool". Assuming you think fuelling space stations is "pretty cool".

Revelations II is available on the official website, which seems to be squashed by lots of traffic at the moment. Bear with it. Things like this don't happen every day in space world.

The full EVE Online client is also patiently hovering on the site. If you don't play EVE, start: flying spaceships is so much more rewarding that real life.