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EVE fix-squad has "carte blanche" - CCP

Thousand-strong battles are top priority.

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CCP has given a "specialised" EVE Online dev-squad "carte blanche" to tackle in-game lag issues that have the community up in arms.

"CCP has invested significant time and resources throughout EVE's history on increasing the performance of fleet fights. We've always had a team of developers devoted to improving our technology and in recent years we made exponential headway through massive server upgrades and initiatives like 'Stackless IO'," the developer told CVG.

"Currently, unsurprisingly, this effort is our number-one development priority and we have given the specialised team carte blanche in re-attaining 1000 player fleet battles that EVE is famous for.

The problems appear to stem from the recent Tyrannis update to the game.

Developer CCP appears to enraged the community further by asking for their vote for EVE Online: Tyrannis in the European Games Awards.

"You actually believe you deserve a reward for this bugfest?" asked one commenter. "Hahahahahahahahaha."

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