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Eve developer cheats

Helps self to forbidden fruits.

An Eve Online developer known simply as "t20" has turned out his pockets and confessed to unlawfully obtaining in-game items, leaving himself with guilty-pie all over his face.

Like a child blubbing to an angry shop owner, he owned up to pilfering blueprints in June 2006, the very same schematics that are normally limited to stop alliances monopolising control on specific items. This display of naivety could have thrown the entire cosmos into economic disaster.

In his selfish onslaught he swiped no less than eight blueprints: a Flameburst Precision Light Missile Blueprint; a Phalanx Rage Rocket Blueprint; a Havoc Fury Heavy Missile Blueprint; a Bloodclaw Fury Light Missile Blueprint; a Spike L Blueprint; and the best of these, a Sabre Blueprint, which is thought to be responsible for earning billions of in-game currency, "isk".

The incident initially came to light after CCP, developer of the space MMO, undertook a routine investigation of staff accounts last summer. A third-party with hawk-like eyesight unearthed the inconsistencies and the Eve community waited for justice, but it didn't come. In an unusual display of leniency, "t20" got away with just a slap on the wrist, despite other malefactors having had their employment terminated in the past.

In light of his confession, CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson offered some soothing words of wisdom on previous shenanigans and measures the company is taking to prevent this behaviour in the future.

However, for some it's too little too late, as angry mobs converge on the official forums braying for answers and virtual blood spilling.

"The community at large is still left wanting for some actual results and closure of this incedent," blurted Bellum Eternus. "What say you CCP?"

And what say you, Eurogamers? Use your words below.

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