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Eternity's Child dev quits games industry

Stomps off after PC game is slated.

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Independent British developer Luc Bernard has vowed never to make another game.

His outburst came in comments sections attached to disastrous US reviews of Eternity's Child, an episodic series of hand-drawn fairy-tales for WiiWare and Steam.

"Eternity's Child was fun to work on, okay, but at the same time horrible, since well we had no money to do it. There is no way on earth that I am working on another game in those conditions," said Luc Bernard on his blog.

"Plus with the recent controversy... Like I said, an industry friend said that I have f***ed up my career.

"In a couple weeks I really plan to leave this industry with a big boom that no one is expecting, and it will even make haters shut up," added Bernard.

Eternity's Child will still get additional chapters on Steam and be released on WiiWare, plus receive continual support, he said.

Bernard concludes that until people understand his "vision" and are willing to financially back him before games are released, he will simply not make any.

Head to our Eternity's Child gamepage to see what all the fuss is about. And read that thread. Train-wreck.

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